by Green Elder

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Dedicated to the spring, a time of birth and renewal, this release tells the story of a journey into the forest, to lost memories of ancestral homes, to thickets where our animal brethren laze without fear, of quiet dawns with sunlight and mountain streams as our companions, guided by the starlight of clear skies, a journey back to our true home.


released June 10, 2014

All music by Green Elder. Mixed and mastered by Paul.



all rights reserved


Green Elder

An Appalachian ritual folk project that seeks to paint forests in sound, both by giving their natural seasonal beauty aural life and their mythical lore an abstract presence. Employing a DIY approach, each release is carefully crafted by the band. All support is appreciated. ... more

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Track Name: A Glimmer in the Thicket
Under the tree line, through the clouds
Sunlight filters down
Through Streams and into the ground

Winter falls away
With waves from the sun
Spring blossoms
Like gems on the Earth
Track Name: The Cabin
A beacon at the shore harbors memories
Loons sing praise over tides
Wolves chant greetings in the moonlight
There on the hill, the silent cabin stood

Woven lights under northern skies
Winds drift quietly over birch
Secrets warm within the evergreens
Solitude, a place, wanderings in the night

Dancing lights above the fireside
Wood smoke among the ancient ones
Hide away yearning for a sun rise
There on the hill, the silent cabin stood
Track Name: The Cold Hearth
The hearth mourns the stars last embrace
Kindreds fear signs in ash
The silent hearth quietly waits
Quietly waits
Track Name: She Who Draws the Dawn
Arising, the lights bend the horizon
A stark contrast to nights before
Birds giving voice, a renewal
An escape into the rising sun

Dew clings to fir
Crystals in the breeze
Temporal auroras
Ablaze with circadian light


Tell me Gagnrath since you wish from the floor to test your might. What is that horse called that above us draws the day over humankind?

Skinfaxi he’s called who draws the dawn; each day over humankind. Best of horses seems he to the Gotlanders, brilliant that mane shines.

Dawn cracks through the trees
The shining mountain stream
Exhales after night’s slumber
Radiant morning’s light has come
Track Name: Petrichor
Ethereal mists hung tightly to alder boughs
Silent vagabonds in tempered sways
Quiet vapor, a scent of freshly breathed earth
Leaves upturned grasping to heightened homes
Sitting softly among tree tops hoping none shall fall
Lost in bewildered days
Trees sough in soft winds triumph over dry plains
Track Name: Speaking with the Dryads
The spirit of the grove
Seeks shelter
Back to the womb
That shelters us all
Our green elder
Track Name: Harvest
Dirt Roads with the moon above
Memories die yet are renewed
Youthful seasons I realized were a lie
When my heart on autumn birds flew
Voices sang on cold winds
Painted horizons gold and red
Coalesce with the stars above
The sky is lit like fireflies

A world I never knew
On these dirt roads
My heart renewed
Under a harvest moon
My heart renewed
Track Name: Returning Home
I wish to return
To go back to my home
To a land restored
Color my maps untold

I wish to know
The names lost and old
I wish to roam
Wherever my heart goes

I wish to know
The names lost and old
My home
My land

I wish to sleep
Beneath starlight aglow
Bold and vast she stands
Shining ever last

I wish to know
The names lost and old
My home
My land

To escape this world
To live off the sun
To have these words
Drive the storms undone