by Green Elder

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This album is dedicated to autumn. A time of transition mixed with the beauty of change and the sadness of death. Of final harvests and preparation for the coming winter. Moments of final maturity also mark the beginning of decline and the beautiful truth that all things must rise and fall.


released October 27, 2014

All sounds by Green Elder. Mixed and mastered by Paul.



all rights reserved


Green Elder

An Appalachian ritual folk project that seeks to paint forests in sound, both by giving their natural seasonal beauty aural life and their mythical lore an abstract presence. Employing a DIY approach, each release is carefully crafted by the band. All support is appreciated. ... more

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Track Name: Prayer to Mother
Pastures in the haze
rains from above
mothes green in the night
winters that long past

The silence of our forebears
wisdom turned to ash
lay me in the fires
the sage's cleansing smoke

Visions in the night
memories in the sky
heal me old ones
give prayer to to the trees
Mother to us all
Track Name: Autumn's Golden Path
Colors vast in death transform
upon the sky paint the horizon warm
gold hues breathe in violet strokes
as spires of smoke transcend the darkened cloak
The greeting of twilight but a reclusive love
fires adore the cold breezes above
a tempest gale rolls beneath black wings erudite
sitting in grandeur upon oaken leaves elope with the night
Veils thin and divinely shine
whispers caught in clandestine rites
Opal views across moonlit boughs
as the firs greet elders in tongues
not forked but askew

Starlings fall across the fog
the cicadas scream, the light never dies
blossoms that always fall then rise

When flesh is torn and bone is shorn
spirits sink into dust
we are left to pick up the remains
reclaim the fruits of our lust

A soul turned to ash
A voice turned to ash
The pathways go screaming past
But the shadows always last

We grasp as spirits go streaming past, under our feet and through our minds. We clutch their memories, miss opportunities, in dreams, obscured in the shadows
Track Name: Carving Life onto Monoliths
In darkness we came
nameless, lost to foreign raids
stood strong, wounds agape
these hills our graves

In glory forever more
cycles, death reborn
children of the other world
seal your fate with primordial breath
as you greet the ancestors

For eternity
your legacy upon the monoliths

Eternal refuge for the soul
beyond the battlefield
upon the winds your praises sung
Track Name: Of Hardwood and Seed (A Sapling's Heart)
Swans Glide, ripples on glass
the skies open wide, and the seasons pass

on this lake before the trees, I bide my time
sands forgotten, to the oak and the pine

souls inside, the swallows fly
and the willows weep, a carnal pantomime

the Earth born, of hardwood and seed
sapling and tree, my heart rests inside
your spirit within me
Track Name: Wandering Meadows
There is a spot in the grass
where my heart you used to lay
There is a tree in the field
where a child used to play

In the silence of the meadows
I hear the coming storm
In the soft grass of the meadows
my spirit feels reborn

Seasons fade in time
like footsteps in the hills
Owls fly in the night
through the summer fields

Traces of our hope
where the wild rivers flow
A voice in the storm
a guide to light the path

A light on the path
A feather upon the path
On the leaves in spring
my spirit is reborn
Track Name: Liber
Above the rays of the setting sun
I saw the skies in the light of the stars
and the clouds part against an autumn moon

As the winds blow through the trees
seas change but this place
will always be home to you

Seasons drift, time slips
in the constant tide, a harbor in the haze
as nights come, a beacon in the dark
standing tall, remaining true

This is home, this is home
to me alone, to me alone
this is home
Track Name: Wildness
In this world of scarcity
A longing for refuge a solitude of mind
Belonging to more than this blood and bone
To long for a home, one the hardest to find

In this journey of wanderlust
Travels of kith and kin
Carve your name upon others hearts
Not stone or dying skin

In the end we take nothing with us
We all cease to exist
Leave behind a noble name
One of love, fortitude and utter forgiveness

So unto all I pledge all these words
Regal a golden tide
When the sun sleeps with the Earth once more
I will be nestled within her painted eyes

A wild heart
A wild name
To which only the wind knows how to tame
To leave in reverence for the lives we touch
In wildness we return to the stars and dust